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Graphic Controls supplies a full line of charts and markers to fit all available Dickson recorders. Versatile and durable, Dickson recorders are used in a wide variety of applications and conditions measuring temperature, humidity, and pressure. Graphic Controls charts and markers perfectly complement diverse applications and conditions to ensure accurate recording and preservation of critical data.

Dickson Chart Paper & Pens

Item # Description Size Time More Information Order
32003528 DIN-DICKSON DIN 310 02.865" 7D Product Details
32011267 DIN-DICKSON DIN 314 02.865" 7D Product Details
32019933 DIN-DICKSON DIN 302 02.865" 7D Product Details
32003527 DIN-DICKSON DIN 318 02.865" 7D Product Details
32016336 DIN-DICKSON DIN 320 02.865" 7D Product Details
31085833 DIN-DICKSON DIN 181 04.531" 7D Product Details
00567446 DIN-DICKSON DIN 26 04.500" 24H Product Details
32013011 DIN-DICKSON DIN 203 04.531" 7D Product Details
32018090 DIN-DICKSON DIN 206 04.531" 7D Product Details
31502704 DIN-DICKSON DIN 658 CIRCLE CHART 06.000" 24H Product Details
31515789 DIN-DICKSON DIN 657 06.000" 7D Product Details
32002969 DIN-DICKSON DIN 660 CIRCLE CHART 06.000" 24H Product Details
32001223 DIN-DICKSON DIN 663 CIRCLE CHART 06.000" 7D Product Details
31502696 DIN-DICKSON DIN 651 06.000" 7D Product Details
00166207 DIN-DICKSON DIN 432 WITH PILOT HOLE 08.188" 24H Product Details
30604030 DIN-DICKSON DIN 477 WITH PILOT HOLE 08.188" 7D Product Details
00910448 DIN-DICKSON DIN 417 WITH PILOT HOLE 08.188" 7D Product Details
00166157 DIN-DICKSON DIN 415 WITH PILOT HOLE 08.188" 24H Product Details
00166249 DIN-DICKSON DIN 456 WITH PILOT HOLE 08.188" 24H Product Details
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Life Sciences

  • The KT803 recorder (8 inch circular charts) monitors production processes and storage for pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic products (including clean room applications).
  • SL4 recorders (4 inch circular charts) track temperatures in incubators, repositories, and biological storage units.
  • KT623 recorders (6 inch circular charts) monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures.
  • VFC70 and VFC21 recorders (4 inch circular charts) specifically monitor refrigerators and freezers for vaccine storage; while SC3 recorders (3 inch circular charts) track temperatures in transport units during vaccine shipment.
Accurate & Reliable

Graphic Controls charts and markers designed to fit Dickson recorders meet or exceed OEM specifications for accuracy and reliability.

Food Safety Applications

  • The multi-purpose KT623 temperature recorder (6 inch circular charts) is often used in food safety applications (oven temperature, storage conditions, incubation, etc.) when HACCP compliance is important.
  • TH803 temperature and humidity recorders (8 inch circular charts) are used in GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and environmental comfort situations.
Engineered Quality

Graphic Controls marking products for Dickson recorders are engineered to produce smooth, accurate, and legible lines when matched with Graphic Controls circular recording charts.

Industrial Applications

  • KT855 recorders (8 inch circular charts) featuring 2 K-TC external probes perform a wide-range of process control applications.
  • KT6 recorders (6 inch circular charts) monitor industrial oven temperatures for a variety of industrial processes including heat-treating.
  • TH800 recorders (8 inch circular charts) track temperature and humidity for product storage conditions.
  • PW4 recorders (4 inch circular charts) measure air pressure as well as pressures for plumbing, hydrostatic, and steam applications; while the PR8 recorders (8 inch circular charts) monitor hydraulic and well pressures.

Our Guarantee

Our totally integrated product line is backed by a team of knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives. Our sales and service staff of experienced professionals provides our valued customers with the best available solutions — quickly and efficiently. We offer customized solutions to meet varied purchasing and inventory management needs.

Graphic Controls takes pride in a long tradition of meeting high quality control standards. Graphic Controls is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Registered manufacturer, and an FDA registered facility.

Our circular, strip, and rectangular charts meet or exceed OEM standards for Accuracy and Performance. Additionally, our pens, ribbons, inks, and ink cartridges are engineered to produce superior image quality in the most demanding conditions. Our charts and pen systems meet or exceed American Gas Association (AGA) specifications.