Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Superior Print Quality on Flexible Packaging

Performance Matrix for Determining your Ink Requirement

There are a variety of ribbons and ink types that can get confusing. Understanding your application and meeting your expected results is our primary concern at Graphic Controls. As you review the ribbon offerings for the various applications and printer OEMs, please refer to these definitions to help in your decision making.

General Purpose Wax – The most common ribbon used for a wide range of substrates including, but not limited to, coated and uncoated paper & tag stocks. General purpose ink ribbons are typically good for short term labeling and where there is a reduced risk of smearing or scratching against the substrate. These ribbons make up approximately 60% of all ribbon usage and are the most economical price point in our offering. These ribbons are the ideal choice for barcode shipping labels.

Premium Wax – Premium wax ribbons bring the same type of applications as the general-purpose ink ribbons but offer a slightly more durable image and may perform better in more demanding barcode applications. These ribbons make up approximately 20% or all ribbon usage.

Wax / Resin – Wax / resin ribbons are thermal transfer ribbons that combine the performance properties of both wax and resin ribbons. They are used in applications where additional abrasion, chemical, or environmental resistance is required. They are also versatile all-purpose ribbons that provide durability and resistance and are the perfect choice for demanding applications such as outdoor and automotive.

Resin – Our most specialty offering, this ribbon type is used for long term labeling on substrates like polyester and our premium resins are ideal for extreme durability / chemical resistance. Our product is UL recognized and capable of printing at high speeds.