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TrekTag USB Temperature Data Loggers

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Perishable goods can spoil a supply or distribution channel. For over 60 years, Graphic Controls has provided solutions to record and interpret temperatures, serving industries such as food and beverage, floral and pharmaceuticals.

The TrekTag USB Temperature Data Logger is a high quality and cost effective single-use temperature logger designed for use when transporting or storing perishable, refrigerated or frozen goods.

TrekTag USB Temperature Data Logger

<p>TrekTag USB Temperature Data Logger</p>

Single-use temperature data loggers for use when transporting or storing perishable goods.

Last Edited: 3/26/2019

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One Button Start / Stop

Easy to use, consistent operating procedure


Visual Alarm Status Indicator

Immediate visual notification of alarm events on data logger


Single-Use, Convenient Small Shape

Easily fits inside shipping carton with product packaging


Generates Automatic PDF

Connects via universal USB 2.0 Type A communication to generate PDF


IP 67 Rating

Waterproof data logger for use within food safe factory packaging


EN 12830

Compliant for transport of temperature sensitive goods


Accurate Recording

Accurate within +/- .5 degrees


8650 Data Points for Longer Transit Times

Standard transit times:
60 Days at 10 Minute Interval
30 Days at 5 Minute Interval
Customer specific intervals available upon request


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