Calibration Discs

for Electro Scanners and Manual Integrators

Calibration Discs

For the calibration of your electro scanners and manual integrators, Graphic Controls has the answer. For years Graphic Controls has been selling Calibration Discs to instrument manufacturers for the daily calibration of their equipment.

The accuracy and precision of our Calibration Discs exceeds the American Gas Association AGA-5 specifications.

The most popular Calibration Discs are listed below but if you have any special requirements, contact your sales representative or call our Customer Service Department for assistance.

CBD 001

Linear Scribing for American Meter (Wescott) - Foxboro - Rockwell

CBD 005

Linear & Square Root Scribing for American Meter (Wescott) - Foxboro

CBD 007

Custom made Calibration Discs