Series 85 - Integrator Pens

Clean, Reliable, Disposable Pens

Series 85™ Integrator Pen

Eliminate the time-consuming and messy chores of filling and cleaning your integrator’s tracing pens by replacing bottles of ink with a clean, reliable disposable pen.

Filled and sealed at our on-site factory, the Integrator Pen is a revolutionary self-contained ink system. There’s no chance of leaks, spills or clogs and for your convenience, you never have to touch the ink.

Integrator Pen - Series 85

Plain dial charts and blotters are available for many different applications. For more information, contact your sales representative or call our Customer Service Department.

Available in 5 Colors

82-85-0011-10 82-85-0012-10 82-85-0013-10 82-85-0014-10 82-85-0018-10

Each pack comes with 10 Pens of a Single Color