Rubans Transferts Thermiques

Qualité d’impression supérieure sur les emballages souples

Thermal Transfer Overprinting / Near Edge Printing

Printing Date Codes? Lot Codes? Now you have a choice!

Graphic Controls offers drop-in replacements to OEM Thermal Transfer Overprinter Ribbons at a great cost savings!

Full range of Near Edge Thermal Transfer Overprint ribbons that come with a ”Complete Satisfaction” warranty to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance. We have what you need! Wax/Resin Black, Resin White and Resin Silver.

Near Edge TTO Ribbons Download
<h5>Near Edge TTO Ribbons Download</h5>

Full Range of Near Edge TTO Ribbons: Wax/Resin, Resin White and Silver

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Longer Lenth Ribbons Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • 20-25% Longer Length Rolls
  • Fewer roll changes reduces downtime
  • Lower energy extends printhead life
  • Allows for higher speed printing
  • 15% less landfill waste due to thinner film
Guaranteed Quality Offers Peace of Mind
  • Dark, dense printed images on a wide variety of substrates
  • Drop-in printing performance
  • Product that meet or exceed OEM specs
  • Complete satisfaction warranty

Replacement ribbons for:

If you do not see your equipment manufacturer, please contact Customer Service.