Recording Charts & Marking Systems

For over a century, Graphic Controls offers industry-leading solutions in sensing, transmitting, recording, archiving, and retrieving critical data. As the world leader in industrial monitoring supplies, Graphic Controls designs manufacturing and distributing recording charts and marking systems to meet nearly every recording need.

Bristol Charts and Pens

Item # Description Size Time More Information Order
31482790 BR-BRISTOL BR 5483 7PT 08.000" 14D Product Details
00086975 BR-BRISTOL BR 2221 08.000" 24H Product Details
00097220 BR-BRISTOL BR 55040 11.125" 7D Product Details
00101774 BR-BRISTOL BR 8220 08.000" 24H Product Details
32015809 BR-BRISTOL BR B 0-5000-8-1HR 08.000" 1H Product Details
00090779 BR-BRISTOL BR 3830 08.000" 7D Product Details
00087296 BR-BRISTOL BR 2269 11.125" 7D Product Details
10560069 BR-BRISTOL BR 80-36-1670-01 PEN ARM Product Details
00097303 BR-BRISTOL BR 55041 11.125" 7D Product Details
00090787 BR-BRISTOL BR 3831 08.000" 7D Product Details
00080648 BR-BRISTOL BR 01217 08.000" 24H Product Details
00091926 BR-BRISTOL BR 4641 08.000" 24H Product Details
00096586 BR-BRISTOL BR 55010 11.125" 24H Product Details
00083329 BR-BRISTOL BR 12028 11.125" 24H Product Details
31489043 BR-BRISTOL BR 5448 7PT 08.000" 7D Product Details

Our Guarantee

Our totally integrated product line is backed by a team of knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives. Our sales and service staff of experienced professionals provides our valued customers with the best available solutions — quickly and efficiently. We offer customized solutions to meet varied purchasing and inventory management needs.

Graphic Controls takes pride in a long tradition of meeting high quality control standards. Graphic Controls is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Registered manufacturer, and an FDA registered facility.

Our circular, strip, and rectangular charts meet or exceed OEM standards for Accuracy and Performance. Additionally, our pens, ribbons, inks, and ink cartridges are engineered to produce superior image quality in the most demanding conditions. Our charts and pen systems meet or exceed American Gas Association (AGA) specifications.