Series 72 and 79 Series

All Temperature, Scannable Pens

Series 72™ and 79™ Scannable Pens

Designed to produce CLEAN, SCANNABLE charts.

  • Broader line width assures reliable scanner processing.
  • Exclusive Graphic Controls inks virtually eliminate skips and estimations.
  • All temperature ink ensures a solid, scannable trace in all types of climates.
  • Pen Arrays can be calibrated to a 15 minute lag (.090") between Differential and Static pens on the Zero Line of a 24 hour chart.
  • Scannable pens allow you to increase the number of charts that can be scanned and will improve the accuracy of your billing operation.


Graphic Controls All Temperature Pens

Graphic Controls All Temperature Pens operate in temperatures ranging from -40 F to 120F and in all humidity conditions.

operating temperature ranges

Gas Flame Logo Pens
gas flame logo pens

The Intense black ink in our Static Pens allows you to forget about retracing! Our redesigned bias cut nib covering design provides enhanced visibility while arcing the pens and setting the time lag. Our continued commitment to excellence for all of our Gas Measurement Products ensures your satisfaction.

Series 72™ and 79™ Fine Line Pens for Integrators

For Manually Processed Charts

  • Fine-point pen tips provide sharply defined lines.
  • Thinner lines allow integrator operators to trace the flow of gas more accurately.
  • Pen Arrays can be calibrated to a 15 minute time lag (.090") between Differential and Static pens on the Zero Line of a 24 hour chart.


Part Numbering System

Gas Industry pens use a 10-digit part number. The Marking System Guide lists gas industry pens with the appropriate recorders.

gas industry part number

Color Code:

1. Black
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Green
N. Nonscan Green


Our Guarantee

These products are warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship. Because of the variety of uses to which these products may be put, seller does not warrant that they can be used for any particular purpose and disclaims all other warranties, whether expressed or implied.

Our circular, strip and rectangular charts meet or exceed OEM standards for Accuracy and Performance. Additionally, our pens, ribbons, inks, and ink cartridges are engineered to produce superior image quality in the most demanding conditions. Our charts and pen systems meet or exceed American Gas Association (AGA) specifications.